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PROLAB's CF-900 oven chain lubricant advanced formula is specifically designed for use at high temperatures.


PROLAB's CF-900 oven chain lubricant advanced formula is specifically designed for use at high temperatures.

Characteristics and Benefits

CF-900 high temperature oven chain lubricant contains ultra-fine high surface area graphite as a solid lubricant to reach quickly and directly the contact surfaces.  The carrier fluid quickly evaporates, allowing the graphite to form a highly resistant lubricating film over the hot contact surfaces. The CF-900 clings to surfaces in temperatures of 100°C to 1095°C (200°F to 2000°F). It lubricates and reduces friction while providing maximum protection against grooves and streaks.

CF-900 is practical: it can be applied without production disruption, even at very high temperatures.

CF-900 is multi-purpose: it can be used as a ferrous and non-ferrous extrusion and forging lubricant, aluminum permanent mold coating, as a release and coating lubricant in the glass industry as well as die casting release agent and parting compound. CF-900 will not hinder the transmission of heat from a mold to a part contrary to other products. Used within recommended temperature range it will not generate smoke or noxious gases.

Types of Application

PROLAB's CF-900 high temperature oven chain lubricant is a must in operations with industrial ovens, such as: wood seasoning in kilns, glassworks, baked goods, soaking and industrial die casting process. 
In the glass industry, it is used advantageously as a mold release lubricant that can be applied by swabbing or by spraying. 

Directions for Use

Shake well before usage. Apply with brush or atomizer at a minimal temperature of 100°C (212°F).  When lubricating oven chains, apply CF-900 at the point where the chains enter the oven.

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